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Dear ProFamy Users and Website Visitors,

       We are very pleased welcoming you to visit our Website of ProFamy method and software and freely downloadable for projections of households and living arrangements. On this Website, you will find a wide array of information and materials related to the ProFamy method/software (including a list of publications which employed ProFamy method/software).
      Household projections are pertinent in research and management related to sustainable development, because housing, energy-related commodities (such as water, electricity and gas), food, furniture, vehicles, elderly care, children education, and other home-based services are often consumed/purchased by households rather than individuals. There is a growing demand for forecasting future trends in structure and sizes of households and living arrangements, which draws great interest in academic research, policy making and market analyses. With these background and significance, our main purpose is to develop the ProFamy method/program into a widely-applicable, user-friendly and free software, as well as develop an associated database.
      The ProFamy Research Group seeks and welcomes bilateral or multilateral collaborations in terms of partnership, collaborative research, and consulting. We will be happy to assist you to strengthen competitiveness in this growing field with help of ProFamy.
      I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors. The ProFamy was supported by China “National Population Administration and Decision Information System (PADIS; completed in Dec. 2017)” in the past years, and is being support by “National Health Safeguard Information System” newly launched since Jan. 2018, implemented at China Population and Development Research Center and Digit China Health. The applications of ProFamy method/software for projections of family households and elderly living arrangements and disabled elders’ home-based care needs and costs in 31 provinces of China are being supported by China National natural Science Foundation (Project No. 71490732). We also received grant from NIH Small Business Innovative Research to develop ProFamy about 10 years ago.
    Thank you for visiting our ProFamy Website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by email to profamy@163.com.
Zhenglian Wang, Ph.D
Technical Director, ProFamy Research Group
Co-Director, Center for Households and Consumption Forecasting, Digit China health, Beijing, China
President, Household & Consumption Forecasting Inc., NC, U.S.A.

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