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  What are the ProFamy products being produced  
Time: 2011/11/28 [1387]

What are the ProFamy products being produced by our NIA/NIH SBIR project ?
☻ProFamy Software: The trial version with the basic functions is currently available at our Website; the full-professional version is ready for purchase..
☻ProFamy Input DataBase for Households and Consumption Forecasting for the U.S. nation, the 50 states and DC are ready for release, including base population for households forecasting derived from the Census micro data files, standard schedules of mortality, marital status transitions, fertility by parity, children leaving parental home, in- and out-migration and international net migration.
☻ProFamy Forecasting Output Archive for Households and Elderly Living Arrangements The forsecasting output archive includes forecasted (2000-2050) numbers of households by household size and types, including single person, one-couple only, one couple with child(ren), single parent with child(ren), and living in institutions, as well as by race, gender, age, marital status of the householder. The output archive also includes forecasted (2000-2050) numbers of elderly persons by race, gender, age and marital status. The marital status includes never-married, married, cohabiting, divorced and widowed. Up to the date (3/28/07), the Output Archive for Households and Consumption Forecasting (2000-2050) of the U.S. nation and states of California, Florida, Minnesota and North Carolina are available for release.
☻Service expertise being provided by Households and Consumption Inc. (HCF). With the highest score given by the National Institute of Health (NIH) Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Review Committee, we have received the NIH/NIA SBIR grant (5R44AG022734 – 03) and we are conducting the SBIR project on “Demographic Tool and the U.S. Database for Households and Consumption Forecasting).


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