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  Who May be interested in the ProFamy products  
Time: 2011/11/28 [1337]

Who May be interested in the ProFamy products
☻Governmental and business people who are not of demographic forecasting may access the annually updated and easily accessible output archive of households and elderly living arrangements forecasting of the nation and each of the 50 states and DC, and the small areas which subscribe to the household forecasts products.
☻If a governmental agency or a private company need forecasts of household consumptions (e.g., housing, energy, vehicles, household durables, long-term care (including home-care) for elderly, insurance, banking and other service industry related to households and living arrangements etc) for the nation, a state or small areas, they may hire Households and Consumption Forecasting, Inc. (HCF) or any other consulting firm or researcher who has purchased the ProFamy package and has the required skills to produce the forecasts.
☻Governmental offices and private business analysts with basic demographic skills, consulting firms, researchers, and graduate students may use the commercialized software and input database to conveniently conduct household and consumption forecasting at national, state and small area levels by their own.


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