cpdrc dcHealth ProFamy (A User-Friendly Software for Projections
of Households and Living Arrangements)
Time: 2011/11/28 [1809]

After their consulting with many and various scholars, Chinese central government's newly initialed "National Population Administration, Decision-Making and Information System (PADIS)" has decided employing ProFamy as one of the three demographic projection/analysis models. The other two are the classic cohort-component population projection and the micro-simulation. The PADIS has signed an agreement with Professor Yi Zeng that while Profesor Yi Zeng and Dr. Zhenglian Wang fully keep their intellectual property, the PADIS will hire software experts and demographers at China Population and Development Center and a software company to transfer our PC version of ProFamy into their nation-wide working station/main frame version and establish the needed Chinese database, for the national and provincial governmental applications.


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