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of Households and Living Arrangements)
Significance of Household Projections 2018/9/6
The Classic Headship-rate Method is Widely Criticized by Demographers 2018/9/6
A Brief Summary of ProFamy Extended Cohort-Component Approach for Household Projections and Comparison to the Headship-Rate Method 2018/9/6
Assessments of the Accuracy of ProFamy Projections 2018/9/6
Applications of the ProFamy Model for Household Projections at National, Sub-national and County Levels 2018/9/6
Employing the Sex-Age-Specific Model Standard Schedules at National Level and Local Summary Parameters for Household Projections at Sub-national and County Levels Using ProFamy Method/Software 2018/9/6
Who may be interested in using the households, living arrangements and population projections produced by ProFamy? 2018/9/6
References 2018/9/6

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