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of Households and Living Arrangements)

          The ProFamy method and software were initially published by Prof. Yi Zeng, Dr. Zhenglian Wang and Prof. J. Vaupel in 1998, and were extended & published in 2006, 2013 and 2014 in collaboration with Dr. Danan Gu and Prof. K. Land and applied by scholars from various countries since end of 1990s. The ProFamy method is an innovatively extended cohort-component method for projections of households and living arrangements as well as population age/sex distributions, which breaks through various limitations of the classic approach of “headship-rates”. ProFamy uses conventional demographic rates as inputs to project household types and sizes and living arrangements of all members of the population by age, sex, marital status, number of children living together, status of co-residence with parents, and rural/ urban residence (or race) at national, sub-national and county levels. It can also project elderly care needs and costs, housing, energy, and other household consumptions. 
          The ProFamy has been applied in various countries. For example, population research institutes in Germany, Australia and Brazil organized training workshops on ProFamy method, software and applications. ProFamy was used to project U.S. household energy consumptions (Dalton et al. 2008; O'Neill and Chen, 2002), U.S. housing at national and sub-national levels (Smith et al. 2008; 2012), Austrian and U.S. home-based vehicle consumptions (Prskawetz et al. 2004; Feng et al. 2011). The Southern California government office has bi-annually and successfully conducted the household projections for 6 counties since 2009 using the ProFamy method/software (Feng and Choi, 2018). The ProFamy was applied to projections of elderly family structure, living arrangements and home-based care needs/costs in China and the United States (Zeng et al., 2012; Zeng, Land et al., 2014).
          Based on intensive evaluation by distinguished Chinese and international experts, ProFamy method/software was selected and adopted in China “National Population Administration and Decision Information System (PADIS; completed in Dec. 2017)”, and is being further developed with support of “National Health Safeguard Information System” newly launched since Jan. 2018 implemented at China Population and Development Research Center and Digit China Health.

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